Ministries at St. John’s UMC




On the second Saturday of each month, 20 West Veteran’s Boulevard opens from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm for a giant Yard Sale at St. John’s United Methodist Church. Items available for purchase include clothing, books, videos, household items and even furniture.

The Rummage Outreach Ministry is being directed by Mark Aguilar and Rosalina Mendoza. Many volunteers assist them to make this ministry function. The volunteers often work on Fridays to get items unpacked and in place for the next sale days.

The items for sale are donations given to the church for this purpose. We are grateful for the many who systematically deposit items for sale.

The Rummage Sale Outreach will be closed for the months of June, July and August and will reopen on September 14th.



The Sidewalk Outreach Ministry began as a means of making people walking by the sanctuary of St. John’s United Methodist Church that an active congregation exists. Many persons of the community were aware of the Traveler’s Aid and Primavera Foundation having its presence in the facilities of the church but didn’t realize that a regular Sunday Worship took place each week.

Each Saturday morning a table is set up in front of the Church facility by Cathy Mendoza, Lil Schwenn and Donna Krenke. Coffee, cookies, water and a variety of devotional materials are displayed for people passing by to take.

The Sidewalk Outreach Ministry began as a desire to especially touch the lives of homeless persons with a cup of hot coffee and some cookies during the winter months. As these people were invited to get a cup of coffee, conversations were begun and often they expressed special needs in their lives. The Sidewalk Ministry personnel offered to pray with these people immediately and many have left with thankful and less heavy hearts. Some have found their way back to worship with us on Sunday.

In time it was discerned that many didn’t have Bibles to read so the committee has purchased low cost Bibles in English and Spanish. Devotional books such as the Upper Room and Daily Bread are also shared with those who stop.

During the months of June, July and August, the Sidewalk Outreach Ministry will not operate. This ministry will commence once again the first Saturday of September 2019.



The Card Outreach Ministry of St. John’s United Methodist Committee is carried on by Cathy Mendoza, Mark Aguilar and Melyssa Anderson. Each Sunday the Tracking Committee consisting of Mark Aguilar and Donna Krenke, make note of persons who are absent. The Tracking Committee will attempt to make telephone contact to see if illness was a reason for their absence. This information is then passed on to Cards Outreach Committee. The Card Outreach Ministry also keeps track of those who are ill and in nursing facilities so that cards can be sent on a regular basis to keep these persons encouraged.

The Card Outreach Ministry also provides gift bags for people visiting St. John’s UMC for the first time. Many have expressed appreciation for these thoughtful gift bags.


The Food Pantry of St. John’s UMC is reaching out to those in need. We give out 6-8 food boxes per week, so our pantry shelves are always in need of replenishing.

We especially need Ramen Noodles and crackers, spaghetti sauce and noodles. We can always used canned food products as well as cookies and toilet paper.

We are grateful for those who give us cash so that we can purchase specific items that are needed.

OUTREACH/CLOTHING CLOSET (This is in addition to the Rummage Sale Outreach Saturday Ministry)

The Outreach Ministry opens each Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm providing free items of clothing to dozens of  persons each month. The Outreach Ministry works in conjunction with the Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson in providing much needed clothing. The clothes items are on movable racks that are made available to the public in front of the Sunday School building.    While the primary focus is to provide clothing, the staff helps in directing homeless and financial needs to resources for financial help, housing and medical assistance.


Under the leadership of Frank Mendoza and Melyssa Anderson and the help of Mark Aguilar, Lina and Daniella Mendoza, snacks are prepared and served each Sunday and the Fellowship Hall is returned to an orderly fashion after lunch.

Frank keeps the various drawers and cabinets  arranged and makes sure needed pots, pans and, serving items are available for all to use.

Each of the above ministries is staffed by volunteers so that any person desiring to become involved in the church’s ministry can find their ‘niche’ in one or more of these areas of outreach.

The staff is also prepared to witness to these persons about their need of a Savior, invite them to attend our regular services and pray with them for needs that are presented.


St John’s United Methodist Church

60 W Veteran’s Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85713  

(520 792-6398)

Rev. Ivan Schwenn, pastor