NOMADS – 2020

St. John’s United Methodist Church will have a team of NOMADS here from February 17 to March 5. The team leaders will be Jim and Linda Tyas from Missouri. Jim and Linda were here two years ago and are looking forward to their return. They have a full team of six couples who will begin arriving February 15.

The NOMADS began in 1988 with 24 members completing five projects in Texas and Oklahoma.  Currently they offer about 175 projects each year and have over 900 active members. NOMADS stand for “Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service”. They provide volunteer labor for United Methodist organizations. They do new construction, remodeling and repairs in churches, church camps, children’s homes and other related ministries. Many bring skills of the highest order to the projects they work on.

The pictures included in this article depict previous projects the Nomads were able to complete.  This year, one area of concentration this year will be the sanctuary. The goal is to refinish the pews and altar furniture to be more presentable. There will also be several paint projects; interior and exterior and several doors need adjusting so they will open and close more freely.

Mike and Marsha Davis, who have been at St. John’s UMC twice previously, will be coming after the February team leaves to work on other projects.

St. John’s Trustees Committee, under the leadership of Eric Giffin, is in the process of lining up the projects for this year’s NOMADS.

St. John’s UMC has been richly blessed by the love and labors of  NOMADS. We are confident that this year’s team will be a rich blessing as well.

God Bless the NOMADS!